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     When I play Sploosh I like to use 2 volunteers but this game.

Set-up - I set-up a volleyball net and court.  I place a 5 gallon bucket of water at the end of each half of the court.  You will also need 4-8 large sponges for this game, which will start off in the bucket.
The Game - On the signal, players will begin throwing their, water soaked, sponges over the net to the opposing team.  Players will then attempt to catch the sponges that are thrown to their side.  After a catch, or a drop, the player will run the sponge to the water, where they will dunk the sponge and throw it back over the net.
     The object of the game is to have the fewest strikes against your team.  A strike occurs each time a sponge lands in bounds on your side of the net or each time your team throws a sponge that lands out of bounds.


Helpful Hints - The activity of this game can be varied by the number of sponges that are in use.  After the start of the game, there is no signal to throw, players just toss them as they receive and refill them. Scoreing can be done in different ways.  You can play with a time limit and the team with the lowest score at the end of the time is the winner.  You could also play to a certain number, where the first team to reach a predetermined number ends the game.

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