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BMV -Volleyball
Updates at the bottom

     Personally, I like playing volleyball with my cage ball.  However, at this particular school, I do not have poles outside, sturdy enough to hold the net when using a cage ball.  I then decided to play over a 7' high chain link fence that we have.  However, the fence made the cage ball to easy to get back over (instead of going under a net, they could roll it up the fence.) I have now adapted the game by using a large inflatable ball 3ft I bought a Wal-Mart on clearance for .50.  These are basically a beach ball with a covering that makes it look like a baseball, soccer ball etc.  A large beach ball would work fine, and I have also used a 3ft cage ball.  If you can make a net sturdy enough, try the big cage ball.  The reason I like the larger ball, is that it makes it difficult for 1 student to be picked out as losing or winning a point.  The bigger the ball, the more people have to work together to get it back over the net.  With a giant cage ball, teams must try to catch it and throw it back over, whereas with the beach balls, they must be hit.  I now throw a parachute over the net so teams cannot see each other.  I did this to add to the game, and to help eliminate ball hogs.

1.  Have each team scatter on their own side of the net

2.  Flip a coin to see which team will server first.

3. The game begins when one team serves the ball over the net.

4.  Play continues, as in volleyball except each team has an unlimited number of hits to get the ball back over the net.

5.  Team must serve in order to get a point.

6.  Teams are allowed to help their own player's server.

7.  First team to 5 wins

8.  Place the winner in the appropriate bracket of the bracket chart.

9.  When the bracket chart is complete, please send it to the tally table.


Helpful hints:  The difficulty of the game can be adapted to meet the age/skill level of the players by changing : the winning score, the number of hits allowed, helping of the serve, or the way points are earned (do not have to serve to score).  Update - to get more students involved, I have now switched to very large beachballs that come in a fabric coating.  I purchased these from WalMart and I now use 3 or 4 at a time.  Scoreing is now done by each time a ball hits the ground on your side.  We play to 5 points.  This worked out great last year and kept more kids busy.

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