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For this game, I use a long manilla rope (large enough to fit 2 classes).  I taped a ribbon in the center of the rope.  About 3 feet from the middle, on each side, I taped a restraining line (where students could be no closer to the middle).  I use three cones for this game.  One in the center to start, and about 6-10 ft or so, another cone that the classes must pull to in order to win.



1.  Position the designated classes on each end of the rope

2.  Have participants pull the rope taut, be sure the flag is lined up even with the starting cone.

3.  On your signal, students will begin pulling the rope in an attempt to get the flag across their own cone.

4.  Game ends when one team has pulled the flag past their own set of cones.

5.  Record the winner on the appropriate bracket of the bracket sheet.

6.  When the bracket sheet is complete, please send it to the tally table immediately.

Helpful Hints

    1.  None for this year, this game usually goes quick and easy.  If there are any problems please see me.

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