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Truck Pulls

     When I do the truck pull I like to use 3 volunteers to make sure we have no chances for accidents.

Set-up - I use a truck that belongs to a staff member, parent or myself.  I set the truck up at a starting line with one end of my tug of war rope attached to the rear hitch, or  to wherever you can attach.
     I also have the truck on a slight grade downward, so the truck cannot roll in the direction of the pullers unless they are pulling.
     Finally, I have cones to mark boundaries to keep waiting students from wandering into a danger area.
The Game - This station doubles with pop and chips, so teams will participate one at a time.  On their turn, teams will get hold of the rope, but must be behind a safety mark on the rope that ensures the driver of the truck can see ALL the students.  On the signal, the class will be timed on how long it takes them to pull the truck (not running, but in neutral), from the starting line to the finish line, which is about  a distance of 40 feet.


     I keep 1 volunteer behind the truck to make sure students keep a safe distance from the truck and to make sure to let the driver know if any students have fallen.  I keep another volunteer to make sure students who are waiting do not come near the truck or track.  And of course, my third volunteer is in the truck to steer, brake, and return the truck to the start line after each pull.
     Each class will get two attempts with the overall fastest time being the winner.

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