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Target Toss

     Target toss is played on a triangle shaped area, using 7 or 8 fifty-five gallon drums or barrels, and as many tennis balls as possible.  The triangle shaped area has a radius of about 75'.  I position (4) 1 point drums about 15 feet from the throwing line, (3) 5 point drums about 20-25ft away, and (1) 10 point drum about 30-35 ft away.  Adjust to the age level of your students.
     On the signal to begin, the entire class will throw until all of the balls are gone, or until a given time limit.  If you are limited on balls, allow some students to be retrievers for their class, this will reward classes who work together.  I play a game where students may retrieve a ball, but must hand it to another player to be thrown.  This may be another way to handle the game with a limited number of tennis balls.

To make the restraining line, I pin one end of a string to the ground, then measure the distance I want on the string.  I then drag the free end of the string in a semi circle as we paint the restraining line.

1.  Position one class behind the restraining line.  All tennis balls are on or behind the restrianing line as well.

2.  On your signal, students will begin to throw the tennis balls, from behind the restraining line, into the barrels.

3.  Students will continue throwing balls until all the balls are gone.

4.  After all the balls have been thrown, tally the points from each barrel to get the teams total score.

5.  Record the teams total score on your score sheet.  The class who scores the most points wins

6.  When the bracket sheet is complete, please send it to the tally table immediately.

Helpful Hints

     1.  Deduct 5 points for any throws over the fence.

     2.  After the points are tallied, have either the previous class, or the next class prepare the balls for the start of the next game.

     3.  Do not allow students to throw or kick the balls while preparing the tennis balls for the next game.  Incorporate a no tolerance policy and remove students who do not follow this rule.


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