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Scooter Rally

     When I do the truck pull I like to use 2 volunteers but this game is possible with one.

Set-up - I set-up a rally course that is in a "M" configuration, however, you can design your course to your liking.  Ideally, I like to have at least 2 scooter per class, as all classes participate at the same time.  To set-up my course, I use cones to mark the course and I also draw arrows and start/finish lines, with chalk, to show the students which way to go and where to change drivers.
The Game - This station used to double with pop and chips, so I would have all classes go at the same time so kids could get their chips and drinks as soon as they finish.
I have each class line up single file behind their own scooters at the start line.  I then check to see which class has the most students and adjust the other classes to match.  I do this by having some of the first few students on the teams go to the end of the line when they finish in order to do it again.  So if my largest class has 30, then all classes will have to make 15 laps to finish.  The reason I say 15 laps is because students will complete the course in pairs.   To start, have the 1st student from each class board their scooter, the next person in line is the motor.  The motor can push, pull or move the scooter however they feel is best.  However, they are never allowed to let go of the scooter.  On the start signal, the first set of riders and motors from each class will start the race.  At he halfway point, the riders and motors must switch places.  When the first group reaches the finish line, they will take their scooter to the next pair of racers on their team.
The first class to finish the allotted number of laps is the winner.

Helpful Hints - In order to know who will be the last racers, I have the last crew wear a vest.  Also, if you want the game to go faster, at the beginning, start a second set of racers from each team when the first set reaches the switch mark.  Just make sure you made the lanes large enough for all your racers.  Of course, you can time racers or classes instead of having all classes go at once, so modify to suit your particular situation.

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