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Nuke Walk

     This is a team version of the 8 player Nuke Walk.  Originally, I had the classes divide themselves into 3 teams of eight (that is all that a nuke walk could hold, so I would do 3 rounds of eight).  However, I simplified this with the team nuke walk.  For this game I use 2 parachutes (If you do not have parachutes don't panic, what about sheets?).  For each parachute I built a nuke holder (I taped a firm piece of Styrofoam inside a hula-hoop to make a solid platform circle).  This sits in the middle of the parachute.  In the center of the holder, I place a cup of water.  (you can adjust the difficulty by the type of cup, on windy days I use a shorter, wider cup). 
     I use 1 poly spot for the start area of each parachute.  About 50 ft away or so, I place 2 cones.  You will also need a 5 gallon bucket placed an equal distance from the teams.  Also, I have one sutendet wear a vest, he/she is designated as the licensed nuke refill person.


1.  With the parachutes on the ground, and the platform centered and cups full, students will get hold of their won parachute.

2.  On the signal, students must work together, to walk their nuclear material down and around the cones and back, without a spill.

3.  If their is a nuclear spill, the class must lower their parachute to allow the designated player to get the cup for a refill.  This team may not continue until their cup has been refilled and place on the platform.

4.  The entire team must go around the cone, make 1 full spin, and return to their starting area (poly spot).

5.  The first team to return to their spot, and set their nuclear material down safely, will be declared the winner.

6.  record the winner on the appropriate bracket of your bracket sheet.  When the sheet is complete, send it to the tally table.

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