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Duncan Falls Elementary
Field Day
May 26th 2011

Dear Parents/Guardians

     Field Day is scheduled for Thursday, May 26th.  The forecast thus far is showing a chance of isolated thunderstorms, but hopefully the weather will be nice.  If the weather is bad, we will move field day to Friday, May 27th.  The decision to postpone field day, if necessary, will be made as early as possible on Thursday.
     Our team approach will continue for this year.  Classrooms will compete with each other, on their grade level, in 10 different events.  To help promote teamwork and to help identify teams, students are encouraged to wear their designated class color. (Colors will be listed below).

     Activities will be located in two areas during the day.  The activities will be located in the 4th and 5th grade recess area, as well as on the blacktop.

General Rules


1.      Each classroom is to stay together for the entire day.

2.      Each classroom must stay in their assigned area for the duration of their activity, or event, until a signal is given to move to the next area.

3.      Classrooms are encouraged to use banners, cheers, songs, and shirts to identify and promote a positive team atmosphere.


Helpful Field Day Tips


     Following are some items that you may want to consider sending with your child on field day:

Sunscreen Some field days have been very warm and sunny, and as we will be outside all day, sunscreen can be very important.

Water Bottle Students do have some time for drinks and restroom, but a water bottle can be convenient, as long as they are used appropriately.

Hat Not necessary, but they are allowed.

Dry Clothes Not necessary, but if it is warm enough, we play a game where students may get quite wet, so you may want to sent a spare shirt or clothing if you wish.

Money Students get a cup of pop and a small bag of chips during field day, however, we always have some extra pop and chips that we sell for .25 cents each.


Team Colors
Please use these colors for this year


Green           Christianer, McIntyre, Hlad

Blue             Sprague, Mahan, Deitrick

Gold             Bruns, Davis, Chase

White/Grey Mock, Parrett, Ripple

Red              Chapman, McLendon, Henderson

Black -            Lincicome, Stutes, Talk


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