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Team Flag Tag

     Team Flag tag uses the most volunteers.  I will usually have the designated teacher and 4 volunteers if possible.  The game is played on a rectangular area approx. 60' x 85'.
     Each class will prepare by getting their flags and belts on (color appropriate of course).  Volunteers can help and students should help each other as well.  I have 1 volunteer for each side of the rectangle if possible.

1.  Have each player put on a flag belt with two flags, be sure the classes are separated by color.

2.  Have all players scatter randomly inside the boundaries

3.  On the signal to begin, player will try to eliminate the opposition by tearing of opposing flags.

4.  When both of a players flags have been removed, he/she should leave the playing field immediately.

5.  The last team to have any players left will be declared the winner. (We have now placed a 2 min. time limit, and the players who have the least eliminated are the winners).  Make sure you do not count the players remaining, as the students will not be aggressive in the game and will just stand around being defensive.  A lesson I learned early:)


6.  No body contact is allowed

7.  Players may tear off only 1 flag at a time.

8.  No using your hands to try to defend your flag.

9.  No time outs

10.  Players who step out of bounds, lose 1 flag.

11.  Record the winner on the appropriated bracket of the bracket sheet.

12.  When the bracket sheet is complete, send it to the tally table.


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