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Fireman´┐Żs Relay

     For this game I fill a plastic swimming pool with water.  I keep a water hose near to keep it filled.  Each class will make a single file line behind the pool.  Each class is given a short pail with handles (holes drilled in the bottom of course :) you can see pictures if you follow my link from the my field day page.  At the end of each line is a 5 gallon collection bucket. 

1.  Align teams in a single file line behind the water filled swimming pool.

2.  Leave the passing pails in the pool prior to the start of the race.  Make sure each team has a collection pail at the end of their line.

3.  On you signal the first student in each line must fill the pail then pass it directly overhead (with both hands) to the next player in line.  The pail will continue down the line until it reaches the last player. 

4.  The last player must empty the remaining water into the collection bucket at the end of their line, then run to the front to start the process again.  Make sure that the students understand that the person bringing the bucket to the front of the line, will be the new starter.  In other words, they stay at the front of the line.

5.  At the end of the time limit, (2 Minutes) stop all water play and measure the amount of water in the collection buckets.  The team with the most water is declared the winner.

6.  Record the winner on the appropriate bracket of the bracket sheet.

7.  When the bracket sheet is complete, please send it to the tally table immediately.


Helpful Hints

     1.  Station 1 volunteer at each collection bucket.  In the past students would not stop when the game was complete.

     2.  Keep someone at the pool at all times to cut down on horse play before, during and after the game.

     3.  Have a no tolerance policy on students who do not follow the rules.  Remove them if necessary.

     4.  If you feel it is necessary to change any aspect of the game, including the time, please let me know.  The games are designed to take a certain amount of time, so any changes may affect the time they take to complete.


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