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                    Duncan Falls Elementary
                           Field Day
                      May 31st , 2006

Field day is May the 31st. Our team approach will continue for this year.

Classrooms will compete with each other on their grade level. Activities will be

located in two areas during the day. The activities will be located in the 4th and 5th

grade recess area, as well as on the blacktop.

A few general rules are listed below. A schedule and assignments are attached.

For more details please see Mr. Gates or Mr. Henderson.

                                       General Rules

1. Each classroom is to stay together the entire day.

2. Each classroom is to stay in the assigned area for their activity, or event,

until a signal is given to move to the next area.

Classrooms are encouraged to use banners, cheers, songs, and shirts to

Identify and promote a positive team atmosphere.

                                        Please use these colors for this year

Green - Cooperrider, McIntyre, Bates

Gold - Bruns, Henderson, Chase

Red - Leitenberger, Fitz, Saunders

White/Gray - Daley, Parrett, Cook

Blue - Sprague, Mahan, Davis

Black - Archer

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