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Cage Ball

     For cageball, I paint a circle 35' in diameter, then split it in two equal parts with a line.  (the line does not extend past the circle as shown in my picture).  In the center of the circle, I paint a ball start line or circle.  For this game, I use a 6' cageball, but any size would work fine.

1.  Position each team on the outside line of the circle.  (On their own side

2.  On your signal, students will move Crab style only, in an attempt to move the ball across the boundary line on the opposing teams side of the circle.

3.  After each point, reset the ball to the center of the circle and the students to their outside boundary line.

4.  Play the best of 3.  First team to get 2 points wins the game.

5.  Record the winning team on the appropriate bracket of your bracket sheet.

6.  When the bracket sheet is complete, please send it to the tally table immediately.

Helpful Hints

     1.  Students must move in a crab walk only.  However, I can see where they may strike the ball while seated.  If this is not a problem, let it go.

     2.  Students may only kick with one foot at a time.

     3.  Students are allowed to use their hands.

     4.  Stress safety, especially students who are kicking and hitting without regard to the safety of other players.


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