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EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 1 Soccer ball, 2 goals (cones), 1 Flag belt and 2 flags per student.

HIGHLIGHTS:  All soccer skills including: dribbling, passing, shooting, position skills, goal tending, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, catching, throwing, evading and dodging skills.      

INSTRUCTIONS:  Game is played with all basic soccer rules and positions.  The positions being Forwards, Halfbacks, Fullbacks and goalies.  For the younger grades I will limit the positions to Attackers (forwards), Defenders (fullbacks) and goalies.  For the sake of rotation, as well as the lack of soccer goals, each team will have an equal number of players at each position.

     The rules, as stated above are the same as basic soccer, but with the following exceptions:

1. Players are allowed to catch any ball that is hit or kicked into the air.  This can occur from any kicked, headed or lifted ball during play.  This includes ball that are lifted to oneself.  Goalies and throw-ins are an excellent opportunity to get the ball in the air to be caught.

2.   Once a player has caught a ball he may run, pass, lateral, pitch or kick the ball at any time.  However, once the ball hits the ground or the ball carrier has 1 flag removed, the game returns to basic soccer rules.  If the ball carrier has a flag removed he must drop the ball immediately and may not touch it again until he has replaced his flag.

3. Players may now score in any one of 4 ways.  Players may score a standing soccer goal, which is worth 1 point.  Players may throw the ball into the goal, which is worth 1 point. Players may run the ball between the goals for a touchdown, which is worth 3 points, or players may pass to another player past the goal for a touchdown, which is also worth 3 points.


HELPFUL HINTS: I divide the time into 4 quarters and rotate positions after each quarter.  My rotation is as follows: Goalies go to fullback, fullbacks go to halfback, halfbacks go to forward, and forwards go to goalie.  I also stress the importance of using goalies and throw-ins to get the ball airborne.  I also go over all of my flag rules prior to playing this game.  Those rules include: wearing your belt and flags on the outside of all clothing, no doubling the flags (flags must have Velcro touching the belt), and no wrapping or tying the flags around the belt.

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