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     This area is dedicated to new products that I feel would be an asset to any physical Education or fitness class.  Following these links will open a new window.

Order before April 1st and get a free gift for each student! offers custom field day shirts at the lowest possible prices. is a part of GRAVADI Activewear, a nationwide full-service apparel company/custom screen-print shop. Located in Knoxville, TN, GRAVADI has been providing clients across the country with quality screen printed apparel for well over 6 years. GRAVADI specializes in custom design screen-printing, event shirts/apparel, as well as a custom cheer & dance retail line. was established in 2007. This being our fifth year, we look forward to providing even more schools across the country with Custom Field Day Shirts to make their Field Day both successful and profitable


The Physical Activity Solution that Enhances Cultural Change


Skillastics is the leader in engaging and assessing large or small groups of PreK-12 Students in standards and evidence-based fitness and sport-specific skill development activities.


      Aligns with NASPE Standards

      Easy to Set Up and Teach

      Allows for 100% Participation in a Cooperative Setting

      Study confirms students average heart rate of 142 bpm

      Excellent Resource as an Assessment Tool

      Incorporates Reading, Math, Science and Nutrition

      Adaptable in Classroom Settings and Fitness Breaks

      Great for Before and After School

      Family Fitness Night Favorite

      Adaptable with Special Populations


Enjoyed in over 20,000 Physical Education Classes, After School Programs, and Community Based Organizations throughout the world!



A Tugball is a special ball that has eight ropes attached to a harness which surrounds a ball. This design allows for a whole new way to play traditional games as well as to create new ones. Many people enjoy playing tug-of-war; a Tugball only extends that enjoyment into new, fun, and physical ways. Check out two games specifically created for a Tugball at

Why Play With A Tugball?

Health: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Children and adolescents should incorporate muscle-strengthening activities, such as rope climbing, sit-ups, and TUG-OF-WAR, three days a week. Tugball involves much tug-of-war and running. This combination makes Tugball a well-rounded activity.

Fun: Kids enjoy playing tug-of-war; now they can play it while playing a new or classic game.

Cost: Many games on the market are costly. A Tugball simply replaces a regular ball for added fun and exercise, and many of the games you use a Tugball with require equipment you most likely already have.

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