Volunteers Needed

     At the beginning of each school year, I like to organize a group of parent and community volunteers to assist in maintaining a positive and successful physical education program.  The main responsibility of this group would be to assist in the operation of particular events and activities throughout the school year.  Another responsibility would be in the building, collecting and repair of physical education equipment.  Each year the price of physical education equipment seems to increase.  Many times I find that we can make or collect the same equipment, at a fraction of the cost.  Volunteers would not be required to participate in every activity or event.  Volunteers will be notified, in advance, of each activity or event in which assistance is required.  Volunteers can then decide if they have the time to participate in that particular activity.
     If you would like to participate in our physical education volunteer program please contact me as soon as possible.  Following are some of the areas where help in often needed:
     Events - Such as field days, etc.
     Concrete - setting posts for fitness trail stations, other small concrete jobs possibly
     Organizing - Construction of the fitness trail, help organize lunch for fitness trail volunteers, etc.
     Carpentry - Building fitness stations, building cornhole games, etc.
     Sewing - making beanbags, sewing torn parachute, sewing torn ball covers, repairing vests, etc.
     Collecting - helping to collect usable items, billiard balls, croquet balls, other P.E. items.


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