Portraits of Physical Education at D.F.E. 

     These photos were taken by Mr. Gates and the Physical Education students here at Duncan Falls Elementary.  Students who, due to injury, are limited to physical activity, may sometimes act as our class photographer/reporter.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed the opportunity to create them.  
     In regards to these pictures, I try to take every precaution as to not publish pictures of students whose parents/guardians have not given consent to have their child's picture displayed.  If you see a picture that is in breech of this guideline, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. 

Field Day 2005

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       FD_Wide2.jpg (54971 bytes)   FDSinkIt.jpg (68595 bytes)   FD_HotTomale1.jpg (75201 bytes)   FD_Nuke1.jpg (57882 bytes)   FD_VBall1.jpg (72404 bytes)   FD_Obstacle1.jpg (45590 bytes)   FD_Target1.jpg (69844 bytes)

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Physical Education Photos 2005

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