2 X 4



EQUIPMENT NEEDED: None, or 4 red checkers & 4 black checkers, or 4 pennies and 4 dimes. etc

HIGHLIGHTS: Critical thinking, cooperation and teamwork

INSTRUCTIONS: This was originally a tabletop game played with 2 sets of 4 like objects.  For example, 4 red checkers and 4 black checkers or 4 pennies and 4 dimes.  However, in this case we are going to play it with people, using 4 boys and 4 girls.
     The first step is to align the players shoulder to shoulder, in a boy-girl, boy-girl row.  From here the object of the game is to get all the boys together on one side of the row and all the girls together on the other side of the row.  Following are the rules that must be followed during this activity:

     1.  The object of the game is to solve the problem in the least number of moves
     2.  Moves can only be made in pairs.  Anyone next to you could be a potential pair, boy or girl.
     3.  When a pair moves, that slot must stay and eventually be filled by another pair.
     4.  Players may not pivot or turn around.
     5.  The final line must be solid and have no gaps

Following is the solution:

HELPFUL HINTS: If spaces get confusing, I use carpet squares.  Just be sure to have 12 carpet squares so that you can add two to each end.  Also, do not let the students know what the minimum number of moves it takes to solve the problem.  Let them try to just solve the problem first.