EQUIPMENT NEEDED: (5) 18' sling ropes, (3) 8' 2x4's ?, and (2) 3/8 x 2" carriage bolts.

HIGHLIGHTS: Teamwork and cooperation

INSTRUCTIONS: First, let me state that I have not yet tried this activity.  Personally, I think that it is better suited for 6th grade through adult students.  So I would like to state up front that I have not yet tested this game and shall not be held responsible for any accidents or injury incurred by the playing of this game or the following of these instructions.  Proceed with caution!  However, I plan to try this with my 5th graders to make sure my instructions are safe and accurate.  If you do try this game, please make certain of the sturdiness of the a-frame before continuing.
     Personally, I am going to build the A-frame from 3 8' 2x4's.  with the cross member 2x4 being about 2' of the ground.  so the end result should be a frame that looks like a capital 
      The object of the game is to move the A-Frame from point A to point B (Approx. 30'), using only the five sling ropes and 6 people.  Following are the rules that must be followed:
     1.  The A-Frame must keep at least on point of contact with the ground at all times, and may never have more than 2 points touching the ground at one time.
     2.  Only 1 person may touch the A-Frame, but may not touch the ground at the same time as they are touching the A-Frame.
     3.  The ropes may not touch the ground at any time while the A-Frame is traveling over the designated area.
     4.  No one can be any closer that 5' to the A-Frame.  You can use knots or duct tape to mark this area on the rope.

One Possible Solution:
Tie the ropes to the top of the A-Frame.  Once the ropes are tied securely, stand the A-Frame so that the 2 base points are contacting the ground.  Have one of the six participants stand on the crossbar.  As the player on the crossbar rocks the Frame from side to side, they will also thrust forward.  The other players will maintain the balance of the A-Frame with the 5 ropes.  As long as the rope holders are paying attention, there is very little chance of a fall.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Make sure the knots are secure knots.