3,2,1 Ups

Name of Activity - 3,2,1, Ups

Grade Level -  K-12 with modification

Equipment Needed - approx. 1 bean bag (balloon, soft throwable) per player.

Highlights - Underhand throwing, Catching, Tracking, Cooperation

Instructions - Divide students into groups of 5-7.  Each group should have several throwable items, I have found that 1 per player is plenty for my 2-5 grades.  To start the game have students gather in a small circle, with one player having the beanbag.  Group will then count down "3,2,1, Ups".  On the word "Ups" the player will toss the beanbag in the air (at least 10 ft).  The object is for any other student in the group catch the item before it hits the ground.  If successful(usually 2 times in a row, but for my grade levels I feel 1 works better), the group may add a second item.  The group will then count down again, but throwing both items at the same time.  As long as the group is successful, they will continue to add items.  Once the group misses, they must start back with only one item.
     Following are a few rules to keep in mind:
1.  Beanbags should be tossed at least 10 ft in the air.
2.  All beanbags must be tossed at the same time.
3.  A player may not catch his/her own beanbag.

Helpful Hints - The game can be adapted by changing the number of misses before going back to one.  Personally, I have found that it works better for my classes if I have them remove one beanbag at a time instead of going back to zero.  The younger my classes, the more misses in a row they need before losing a beanbag. 
     My youngest grade level is 2nd grade so I have not tried this with younger groups.  I am not sure if balloons would work, but I think it would be worth trying.  Also, you may have an idea of other items that may work for younger groups.  Please let me know if you have had a successful attempt with younger groups, and what type of throwable you used.